Blockware Mining CEO: BTC will return to 10,000 USD

According to U.Today, Blockware Mining and Blockware Solutions CEO Matt D \ ‘Souza said on Twitter that since Bitcoin halved on May 11, more than 30% of the miners shut down the mining machine, and Bitcoin’s computing power has dropped. He added that this may lead to a bitcoin difficulty adjustment: “If the hash rate remains at the current level, the block time will remain the same. It is estimated that there will be a change of about 13% between the current and the next difficulty adjustment.” The hashrate has dropped, but BTC is still close to the $ 10,000 resistance level. Matt D \ ‘Souza believes that BTC is ready and starts testing $ 10,522.

“Lubian” appears in’s mining pool rankings or multiple large miners formed

A few days ago, a mining pool named “Lubian” suddenly appeared in the browser’s mining pool rankings. The 6700P’s computing power ranks fifth, surpassing the currently thriving three major exchange mining pools. Roadside mining pools began to produce blocks on April 24, and the number of blocks currently produced has exceeded 150. According to self-media Wu said blockchain analysis, similar to the previous Baite mining pool, the roadside mining pool comes from the combination of several large miners, otherwise it is impossible to condense 6000P in a short time without anyone knowing force. The reason for the launch after halving may be that when the total computing power drops, it can quickly occupy the computing power share and increase the lucky value.

Hacker attacks on open source blog platform Ghost to mine cryptocurrency

According to U.Today May 4th news, the server of open source blog platform Ghost has been hacked to mine cryptocurrency. Hackers used some errors in the Salt software that managed the company’s servers to gain unauthorized access to Ghost. Ghost representatives said that cybercriminals did not steal any personal or financial information from their users, but instead focused on encryption hijacking.

Update: The attacked Ghost team announced that it has cleared all traces of crypto mining viruses. According to Cointelegraph May 3, the open source blog platform Ghost team announced that all traces of crypto mining viruses have now been completely eliminated by hackers. The team will continue to clean and rebuild the entire network. In the morning news, hackers attacked the open source blogging platform Ghost to mine cryptocurrencies.