Crypto lending service provider Genesis Capital issued $ 2 billion in loans in the first quarter

According to official news, cryptocurrency lending service provider Genesis Capital ’s first quarter operating report shows that the company issued a new $ 2 billion loan in the first quarter of 2020, compared with The $ 1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019 has doubled. Before the “312” plunge, the company’s outstanding loan amount once reached a record high of US $ 1 billion, which was US $ 649 million at the end of March. Although the price of Bitcoin fell by 9.5% compared to the end of last quarter, outstanding loans increased by 19.1%.

After the crisis in 2020, bitcoin will usher in a strong rebound together with the housing market

According to Forbes May 25, although the medium-term trend in the real estate market is still bleak, a research paper published by the University of Granada and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said Historical data from the late 1990s showed that after the financial crisis, housing prices tended to rise sharply. And if real estate grows in a similar way after the crisis in 2020, due to the correlation between gold and the real estate market, and the more and more institutional investors believe that Bitcoin is a means of value storage, these evidences show that gold Safe-haven assets such as Bitcoin and others may also grow. In the long run, the overall performance of real estate, gold and Bitcoin will be very strong.

Encryption technologies such as Bitcoin will replace traditional banking when the basic conditions for capital users are mature

On May 25, cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo tweeted complaints about the drawbacks of traditional payments and called on people to buy Bitcoin . He said that he encountered obstacles in dealing with the company’s business, such as the invoicing problem, PayPal required KYC, and the processing process was long; Willy Woo said the bank ’s cross-border payment business was frustrated and called for the purchase of Bitcoin. However, Willy Woo also mentioned that Bitcoin currently does not solve many cross-border payment problems. But when the capital, user base, and liquidity are large enough, Bitcoin and the stronger encryption technology ecosystem (including stablecoin and Layer 2) will make the banking industry look like pigeon post and messenger.

OKChain testnet completes major upgrades: pioneered the concept of “DEX operator” and built DEX at zero threshold

OKChain testnet completed major upgrade today and will release version 0.10 on May 25. This upgrade mainly innovates the OpenDEX design concept, making it possible for everyone to issue their own DEX based on OKChain. OKChain will provide all the network node users with all the core technologies required to operate a DEX, and at the same time solve the high server cost and other problems for users, so that the threshold for building a DEX is almost zero. OKChain pioneered the concept of “DEX operator” and completed the effective differentiation from public chain operators, so that the matching fees and related benefits generated by users’ own DEX and transaction pairs are all owned by users, effectively solving traditional DEX solutions Liquidity problems due to high operating costs. In addition, node users will not need to go through any review process in the process of constructing DEX and operating transaction pairs. At the same time, when the system resources are insufficient, OKChain will reasonably allocate system resources according to the ranking of alloys (take OKT as a mortgage). This will be more conducive to building an open DEX ecosystem, so that all DEX operators can use OKChain’s public chain resources fairly and openly.

Digital payment platform Uphold cooperates with Ripple startups to support content creators for digital currency payment

According to Cointelegraph May 20th, digital payment platform Uphold announced cooperation with Ripple startup Coil to support content creators on Coil platform to receive more than 50 kinds of content Payment in currencies (including fiat and digital currencies), and bank account payments in 34 countries. It is reported that the Coil platform uses digital currency to reward creators to support online monetization.

Kraken Business Development Director: During the Covid19, the status of BTC “the king of cryptocurrencies” became more and more stable

According to AMBCrypto, Kraken Business Development Director Dan Held believes that the success of Bitcoin cannot be based on its potential to become a good payment system. Decide. He said: “The word cash is used in the white paper, and many people choose to infer the word cash as” cash in your pocket. “Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned bitcoin as a precious metal five times. It ’s called a “stable currency.” So people can use it in any way they like. ”Held believes that with the outbreak of the new crown, the status of Bitcoin as“ the king of cryptocurrencies ”is more secure than ever:“ Bitcoin ’s positioning during the 2019 coronavirus epidemic is amazing. The ETH ecosystem has been trying to make it go with BTC because their only remaining narrative now is to become another stable currency, just like BTC. If BTC starts to act, ETH does not follow the price, then it will be another dead altcoin.

Bitcoin and blockchain dominate Amazon’s “currency book bestseller list”

According to The DailyHODL, bitcoin and blockchain dominate Amazon’s “currency and currency policy” book bestseller list. At the time of writing, this emerging technology occupies half of the current top ten books and four seats in the top five. The second place in the ranking is the hardcover version of “Life After Google: The Decline of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.” The author is George Gilder. The book predicts that the future belongs to blockchain and its derivatives. Provide a secure global payment method. The fourth place is Saifedan Ammons’ “Bitcoin Standards: Decentralized Alternatives to Replace Central Banks.” The author claims that Bitcoin can provide society with a new standard for the banking industry, creating a world where currencies are not subject to national boundaries and political restrictions.

Pantera Capital founding partner: The US government views Libra and others as a real threat to the US dollar

According to Cointelegraph, Pantera Capital founding partner Steven Waterhouse recently said that the US government regards cryptocurrencies issued by companies with hundreds of millions of users as The real threat of the US dollar, “Whether Facebook or Telegram or others, may challenge the central bank ’s digital currency or the existing central bank ’s currency, which will certainly attract the attention of regulators. That ’s why we are on Facebook ’s Libra and Telegram ’s Gram There are reasons for such a strong reaction.

The Libra Association has been working hard to stop counterfeit Libra token scams

According to Finance Magnates, since Facebook announced the Libra project last year, the scammers have designed fraudulent investment plans, including selling fakes that are not related to the actual Libra brand. “Libra token “. Almost a year later, the problem of fake Libra token scams still exists. In this regard, Dante Disparte, vice chairman of Libra Association and director of policy and communication, said that Libra Association has been working hard to stop this scam. “When we realize that these sites exist, we will work hard to resolve them. We responded to queries about the validity of these pages, indicating that the only official site is We are still in the early stages of this project and are committed to Resolve such problems.

Vbit full currency contract trading platform obtains US MSB financial license

According to official sources, Vbit full currency contract trading platform has obtained the US MSB financial license issued by FINCEN, which can launch legal and compliant digital currencies in 50 local states of the United States. Trading and promoting the development of exchange derivatives. The US Treasury Department and the Securities Regulatory Commission have clearly required that the digital asset exchange be regulated by the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). In order to conduct digital asset trading in the United States, you must apply for an MSB license in order to conduct business legally and comply with anti-money laundering and anti-money Terrorism financing regulations. Vbit full currency contract exchange focuses on the research and development of digital asset derivatives, providing professional and authoritative trading and technical services to users around the world. Since its launch, the registration volume has reached 100,000+, and it has entered the website of AICoin and non-small market.

Review: Institutional short selling and gain nearly 20% profit

OKEx BTC quarterly contract, Huobi BTC quarterly contract and BitMEX XBT, etc. all have large commission sales around $ 9,900, and with the increase in position It can be judged to be the main force. Soon after the main force opened, the market experienced two rounds of decline. The first round of decline was around 15:20 on the 9th. Binance BTC spot sold 1251BTC actively with a slippage of up to 109 US dollars. It was tested that the market depth was insufficient and the main short selling belief was strengthened. The second round fell at 8 o’clock this morning. The main BitMEX XBT perpetual contract sold 119 million copies, easily completing a round of more than 1,000 dollars in plundering. It can be seen that this round of main short-selling profit exceeds 20%.

Founder of ConsenSys: will restart a large number of token sales and issuance, and this year ’s revenue is expected to be flat last year

According to Decrypt, ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin said in an interview with Into the Ether that ConsenSys will restart a large number of token sales and issuance . It is reported that in 2017, ConsenSys performed a large number of ICO issuance activities, but after the tightening of supervision in 2018, the growth rate has slowed down. Lubin said that he wanted to return to this field in a completely new way, specifically in “token sales and marketing methods,” such as the sale of utility tokens. Joe Lubin also said that after the scale reduction, ConsenSys expects revenue this year to be the same as last year.

ONES game Defi platform officially settled in JUSTALK social network

According to official news, ONES game Defi platform has reached strategic cooperation with JUSTALK social network and settled in JUSTALK social network. In the future, the ONES gaming platform will break through the barriers of socialization and gaming in the JUSTALK network, bringing JUSAL a richer application scenario. ONES is committed to solving the pain points of the game industry, focusing on serving the vertical game industry, providing a one-stop game blockchain open platform service, providing sustainable and open and transparent game solutions, and providing game developers with product monetization channels to further enhance the game Quality serves the players. As a next-generation scalable and decentralized social ecological platform, JUSTALK is determined to use blockchain technology to create a new social software centered on user value. The APP has exceeded 200,000 users and has 40,000+ daily activities in more than two months. The product provides privacy encryption protection and transmits information through point-to-point encryption. Users have their own data ownership and use rights without worrying about information leakage. As a token of JUSTALK, JUS aims to let more people participate and enjoy the dividend of digital social currency.