Founder of Cardano: In the next 5 to 10 years, we will have a legal stablecoin

According to Dailyhodl May 25, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, said in an interview that the long-term chain of central bank monetary policy The reaction will lead to the outflow of funds from SMEs. As countries emerge from the shadow of recession or depression, cryptocurrencies will have the opportunity to challenge the existing financial system. Hoskinson believes that the replacement of fiat currencies by cryptocurrencies depends on their ability to create credit and effectively use modern financial service principles. Modern financial service principles can enable people who lack capital to borrow money to buy large assets such as houses and cars, but for cryptocurrencies, this will require them to get rid of the iconic feature: susceptibility to sharp price fluctuations. Hoskinson said that institutionalizing debt credit is a very difficult thing. It needs stable funds because lenders need to repay loans in a predictable way. Therefore, unless cryptocurrency can become another credit system of the current banking system, it will never replace fiat currency. “But we have made enough currency innovations, so I think that in the next 5 to 10 years, we will have a legal stablecoin that can achieve good stability in our ecosystem.

Digital payment platform Uphold cooperates with Ripple startups to support content creators for digital currency payment

According to Cointelegraph May 20th, digital payment platform Uphold announced cooperation with Ripple startup Coil to support content creators on Coil platform to receive more than 50 kinds of content Payment in currencies (including fiat and digital currencies), and bank account payments in 34 countries. It is reported that the Coil platform uses digital currency to reward creators to support online monetization.

The privacy coin Ghost supported by John McAfee will be launched on May 25

According to Cryptoticker, the privacy-centric Ghost token, supported by cryptocurrency enthusiast and father of antivirus software John McAfee, will be launched on May 25. Ghost will be based on the POS consensus algorithm and the project supports the master node. It will be supported by zero-knowledge proofs and use a managed pool to block / clear transaction history. Initially, 25% of the supply will be distributed to ESH token holders on the launch date, and the rest will be generated through staking and running masternodes.

The fintech lending platform YouHodler announces support for the compliant stable currency HUSD

On May 7, the fintech lending platform YouHodler announced that it will support the use of HUSD for lending and currency deposits. At that time, YouHodler allows users to deposit HUSD in the official website and official app, and receive a maximum of 12% interest on the deposit currency (specifically based on the platform’s actual interest rate). YouHodlers is a fintech company with dual headquarters in Cyprus and Switzerland. It specializes in mortgage loans for crypto assets. Support the mortgage of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the loan of stablecoin assets in US dollars, Euros and anchored fiat currencies. HUSD is the fourth compliant stablecoin supported by the platform. HUSD is a compliant stable currency issued by Stable Universal, strictly 1: 1 anchored with the US dollar. As of now, the market value of HUSD is 150 million US dollars, and the cumulative issuance has exceeded 1 billion.

Zcash Foundation plans to introduce its privacy features into the Cosmos ecosystem

According to Decrypt, the Zcash Foundation plans to introduce its privacy features into the Cosmos ecosystem. The project will use “pegzone” to add an anonymity layer to cross-chain transactions. This will allow cross-blockchain assets to be blocked, transferred and mortgaged. The project will be launched in two stages. In the first phase, pegzone will provide ZEC-backed tokens in the existing Zcash shielded pool. In the Zcash shielded pool, token information is kept confidential. In the second phase, the Zcash Foundation plans to add a shielding pool to pegzone itself, providing shielding piles (a method of generating new tokens), shielding IBC assets and shielding the transfer between blockchains. This will bring Zcash’s privacy features to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Zcash new mining machine Z15 will be released soon

Blockchain news Wu menyioned that the new mining machine Ant Z15 which used to mine anonymous coins Zcash will be released soon. At present, the mainstream on the market is Ant Z11 and Core A9 series. Note: Zcash will be halved in November 2020, which is also the mainstream currency that will be halved at the latest this year.

ECOC coin price breaks through 5USDT or 34% up

According to MXC exghange market, ECOC price broke through 5USDT today and is now reported at US $ 5.18, an increase of 34% and a cumulative increase of 16900%. According to official data, the number of its community has soared to more than 20,000, and the number of coin holders has reached more than 9,000.

5wave .io will be launched on May 5 to create 5.0 unbounded blockchain

According to official news, Diwubo’s main network will be officially launched at 17:55 on May 5. 5wave is launched by 5wave io International The group initiated an industrial blockchain that integrates blockchain, real estate trading and entertainment, smart city, global payment, shopping malls, seven-star hotels, casinos, and Space entertainment clubs. It aims to create an era of 5.0 unbounded blockchains to meet and Promote the landing of large-scale commercial applications and a high-performance scalable public chain that everyone can participate in. At present, 5wave has openly recruited 625 official nodes globally, including 15 5wave nodes, 55 Di Bo nodes, and 555 Di Zun nodes. Any subject or individual who meets the selection criteria can apply for joining The node has been the first to complete the application.