Bitcoin Whale Joe007: BTC’s recent callback is just a reversal that should have happened

According to TheDailyHodl news, the well-known bitcoin whale Joe007 announced its withdrawal from crypto Twitter on May 8th, saying that all the publicity is ultimately not conducive to his trading strategy . Joe007 was short on Bitcoin in April, but Bitcoin closed up 36% that month. With Bitcoin currently falling from a high of nearly $ 10,000, Joe posted on Bitfinex Pulse again. He stated that the pullback proved his assertion that the market was significantly over-inflated. He believes that it is generally considered that the transfer of Bitcoin from wallets in the Satoshi era triggered panic in the market on Wednesday, which is ridiculous. “It’s just over-exaggerating the myth of halving and inflation in the crypto market, so almost any random reason can prove the reversal that should have happened.